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The Crossing Community Church is Together in Christ- nurturing, teaching, and reaching for the glory of God! Are you seeking a church that is diverse, welcoming, and committed to serving the community, the discipleship of its members, and to spreading the word of God to all cultures and backgrounds? If so, join us on Sunday for one of our church services and experience what it's like to be a part of a growing, dedicated group of real people who are humbly focused on knowing Jesus Christ and ministering to others for his glory.

Our church building is also home to three other ministries- Red de Vida (Latino church)The Korean Baptist Church of Columbus, and Emmanuel Baptist Church of the Deaf. Our church is also home to The Crossing Community Church Child Nurturing Center.

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 The Crossing vs. Coronavirus Update 5.15.20

Church Family,

Many of us wish we could reset the clock on the Coronavirus and go back to the way things used to be. We have dreamed of a magical day when the orders are lifted and we would all be back together as it was before. That’s natural in a crisis like this--to seek comfort in the familiar and in the joyful memories of the past. But, brothers and sisters, things will not be the same. The temptation will be to try to recreate our past by restarting previous patterns and traditions. But I think to do that would be to ignore the opportunity this crisis has given us. Instead, we have a chance to restart in a way that lets us really evaluate the very best patterns to move us forward, striving always for the most redemptive future of God’s church. 


Our world has, in some ways, been permanently changed and we must be adaptable as we remain godly in our reaction to that. Even as we grieve the loss of parts of our regular practice, let’s anticipate the amazing things that God will accomplish through us. So pray, each one of you, that our attitudes will be flexible, supportive, and nonreactive, forward-thinking and proactive in our disciple-making mission. As we look to reopening, we cannot afford to simply try to get back to the way it was. Instead, we need the foresight and vision for renewed ministry to meet these new challenges, and open doors to proclaim the gospel. 


If you still have your 2020 planners/calendars, you will be reminded how much you overpaid for them, considering how unnecessary they have been so far! But, pull them out and blow off the dust. As we look at May and June, we hope to begin opening ministries slowly and in stages. Stage one will begin with smaller group meetings, like Sunday school classes, but in larger rooms to accommodate the social distancing necessary to make it a safer place. This could start as early as May 31st, if all remains well and the Lord wills. But remember, we expect this reunion to be slow and staged, lacking the hugs and handshakes we hoped to give and receive, in an effort to protect one another from infection. We will send out more information as that day approaches, to make sure we are all on the same page. Pray with and for me, that I will have wisdom from above in developing appropriate plans that maximize opportunity for corporate worship while protecting the health of our members. 


Knowing that things cannot continue exactly as they did, we pray for ways to meet the needs of our people and our mission to the community. Prayer is paramount in effectively meeting this challenge! If anyone has not completed the 40-Days of Prayer, please take the time to do so now. You can find each video clip on the church web page or on our YouTube channel.  You can also access the weekly sermons and Bible studies there. I encourage each family household to set time aside to join The Crossing online each Sunday, as we all await reopening in person.


We continue to have adequate income to operate. I so tremendously appreciate you,  your desire to give to God, and the discipline of regular tithing and generosity, even in times of difficulty. We continue to have two ways for giving: online at www.crossingcommunity.org/give  or simply mail a check to The Crossing Community Church, P O Box 1283, Hilliard, OH 43026.


Socially distant, but together in Christ,

Pastor Chad


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